Drive for Transformational Growth

Daemen continues to grow and evolve, meeting the needs of students in an increasingly diverse and competitive world, while also ensuring we’re planning for the future.

We continue to look for ways to serve the community – on-campus and off – and to provide diverse and enriching experiences to our students.  In 2017, we launched our Center for Allied and Unified Sport and Exercise (CAUSE) program, providing recreational and competitive athletic opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  The program has been immensely popular in the community and has been eye-opening to students, some of whom have found themselves committing even deeper to their programs or transitioning to new majors such as Social Work because they found the experience so enriching.

One cornerstone of transformational growth is our recent approval for multiple campuses. Our Brooklyn “extension center” (in partnership with Testing and Training International) has long afforded us the opportunity to provide classes in Accounting, Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education to an in-need population, primarily composed of Orthodox Jewish individuals following a culturally appropriate format and calendar.  The Fall 2018 approval to transition our “extension center” into a second “campus” gives us the opportunity to dramatically expand the number of students we are serving and the programs that we offer downstate – continuing to assist this in-need population while actively promoting the college to the broader region as well.

Another thing we seek to transform is the on-campus experience.  We’ve undertaken a campus beautification and enhancement program, adding the stone wall around campus, landscaping, and branded signage, in addition to connecting both halves of campus through our new footbridge.  We continue to raise funds in the hopes of someday building “Daemen Square,” a park-like quadrangle that would exist between Wick Campus Center and Duns Scotus Hall, serving as the heart of campus and providing more opportunities for student learning and engagement.

It’s only been a few years since we announced our introduction into Division II of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), but athletics is already having an impact on our campus – bolstering our local visibility and helping to attract students from throughout the nation.  Much as the physical needs of academic spaces have evolved, so to have the spatial needs of our athletic facilities. With visionary plans to expand these facilities, Daemen seeks to further the role that athletics plays in student recruitment, not only of student-athletes themselves, but of the larger population of prospective students who view athletics as an important part of their college experience.

Your support is vital.  We need your help to continue growing and evolving to ensure that Daemen College remains a premier educational institute for years to come.  Your help funds visionary facility enhancements that truly embody the quality and reputation of a college of national distinction.